About Us

Leigh-Ann-MillsBorn and raised in south Florida, I was blessed with athletic ability from an early age. I found my niche in the game of golf, playing 15 years professionally — internationally for 4 years and then on the LPGA for 11 years. With great fortune, I learned many foreign and ancient customs and traditions, in addition to meeting awe-inspiring people. Though my career encompassed many tournament wins there were also moments of defeat. Suffering heartache from life’s most challenging moments was the true lesson in it all; the biggest being the loss of my mother in 1995.

My Mom was an ER trauma nurse. But more than that, she had a natural gift as a healer. When she passed, I remember feeling a huge energy shift; one that is still transforming to this day. It took many experiences and decades to find my way to the power of Reiki. After my golf career, I enjoyed success in various occupations ranging from being a financial adviser, to teaching and coaching golf at Temple University and Florida State University, to working in insurance, and most recently helping cancer patients on their journey of healing.

Becoming part of the intake team at a cancer hospital has been a rewarding and integral step for me in helping others. It was when I was diagnosed with cancer myself that I discovered the true healing effects of Reiki. Being able to relate from a patient’s point of view has been vital to my Reiki training. It was during my personal cancer journey that I discovered Michelle Piper and Motherella, Inc. She made a profound impact in the trajectory of my life, my healing, and my spiritual path.

jr-logo_med_hrLike so many, my calling has been, and will continue to be, making a true difference. I realized the International Center for Reikicommon denominator of what I love to do is very simple. Whether I was helping someone plan for retirement, teaching or coaching golf, helping someone that was wronged by fraud, or helping a cancer patient get a plan together to begin their journey of healing, it was all the same.  At the center of it all, I found a true LOVE and passion in helping and comforting others.  My deepest desire and innermost knowing has probably always known but it wasn’t until I turned the page and entered the chapter of Reiki did the story unfold.  Being certified to Reiki people and pets, I am attuned for Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho, first and second degree.  My commitment to myself and to my patients is to live in full understanding and integrity by continuing to learn through constant intention, education and practice.

I am a Professional Level Member of the world renowned International Center for Reiki Training, certified in Shoden and Okuden in Jikiden Reiki and a member of the Jikiden Reiki Institute from Kyoto, Japan.

As it was a part of my Mom’s life as an ER trauma nurse to heal others, I now happily take her torch and follow along a parallel path. My heart leads me to energy, love and light and that’s why I am so proud to be part of the exceptional Integrative Care Team at Balanced Care. You never know where your life may lead you if you follow your heart. Mine has led me right here: Love and Light with Leigh. I hope you’ll share a few moments with me and experience the healing power of Reiki.

L3 Reiki, Awaken to Life…