I am constantly looking for people to help with my chronic pain. I have to choose who I see and how I spend my limited health care money very carefully. Leigh is worth every penny. Last week, I walked in on crutches, and hardly had to use them at all after I left. Today I walked in limping with my broken toe, and left walking normally and able to carry things without increased pain. Leigh knew where I needed the healing in my body, and was able to find it. She is truly amazing and I highly encourage you to see her. The healing is unique among other reiki master’s I’ve seen and also other kinds of healing professionals. She has a special ability to heal over and above so many others I’ve seen.

Jessica H. – Pastor


MAKE AN APPOINTMENT … You must try this!
Leigh is so talented and Blessed –
About 1 month ago I entered with an open mind, knowing in general what Reiki was but not in depth or what it would mean for me. After a 1 hour session … That day and each day after, I had NEVER felt so balanced and had such clarity. I cannot explain it…
I was able to breath ~
I was balanced and felt inner peace ~
And THAT was NOT expected. I waited a month to write this review to see how I felt -but now I can honestly say I would highly recommend Leigh to every and anyone – be kind to yourself and do this.
Leigh – you ARE truly Blessed thank you for sharing your gift you are amazing …

Carri K. – Healthcare Executive


Working with Leigh has been such a treat. Despite the distance (hundreds of miles!), her healing talents are undeniable. She immediately made me feel comfortable and I knew her intentions were genuine. I look forward to our next remote session!

Kate L. – Great Mom/Yoga & Spin Instructor


Thank you for my first session today!! You are so warm and friendly. I felt like I was with an old friend. Love your energy!! Look forward to seeing you again. 

Lisa K. – Massage Therapist


It’s been one full week since I experienced a healing by Leigh. I feel forever changed for the better having met Leigh. At first, as I left my session, I felt no different. I am a very open person so I knew it could take time. As the day went on, my day got better instead of spiraling. I suffer from moderate to severe anxiety. I am treated w meds but the physicality of the anxiety still wreaks havoc on my body (soreness, tense, headaches, worry) The next day upon waking, I realized something happened that hasn’t in a very long time. I slept through the night. I was up, at em. Ready to face my day with out the fog of not getting a restful sleep. I’ve been sleeping well all week! Since seeing Leigh last Monday the immense differences I see are: My overall attitude. I’m positive. I always try to be positive but certain times its was tough. Not anymore. I normally have a poor inner dialogue with myself but that is NO MORE. My mind is quiet and I’m peaceful. I’m able to implement the tools that I have gotten from years of therapy and they actually TAKE now. I’m so calm. I don’t have as much joint pain and am not as still as usual. Focused. On my kids. My work. I was always tense and rigid. Not any more! I’m very present where as before I was obsessing about the future and always worry some.

Reiki with Leigh is something that I will be implementing regularly into my life as well as my western treatments given by my therapist and meds by my psychiatrist. I also have a son who is on the Autism spectrum. I will be taking him and my 4 year old in to see her for a mini healing so that we’re are on the same “energy” page.

There is a place for Reiki in everyone’s lives. I was nervous and dare I say skeptic at first. I knew it could take time or even a few sessions. I am STILL feeling the effects of the healing and improving daily. One week later. I will forever be grateful for finding Leigh through a friend. I can not wait to see her again. Thanks so much Leigh! Lots of love to you.

Gwen S. – Business Owner


I had my first Reiki Session with Leigh yesterday. I have a hard time to put into words how wonderful it was. When finished I felt so lite and happy ( I could not stop smiling) still today I feel the same effects. Going into it I thought the outcome would be feeling relaxed. I did feel relaxed but so much more, lifted, happy, content it goes on and on. I summed it up in one word and that is Euphoric. Leigh has a real gift of healing and I am forever grateful for her.

Jennifer L. – Legal Assistant


From beginning to end, Leigh exhibited absolute investment in caring for me through her Reiki services. Asking important questions, guiding me through the process, healing me through blocked energy I knew I must have had but had a hard time removing on my own. Her work was so careful and supportive, and by the end I had the hardest time wanting to leave because the service brought tremendous awareness and relaxation I have needed. I would recommend this experience to everyone, but especially those who can use a decompression, who are overwhelmed, who need healing and who deserve a great Reiki healer like Leigh.

Anita M. – Business Owner/Author


Leigh has one of the biggest ❤️’s I’ve ever experienced. She speaks from it, teaches from it, and loves from it. The intense Reiki certification class was something far beyond my expectations. One Bc I didn’t have and and two Bc it was at times inconceivable that there could be such a release and gain of Divine Love flowing through my body at the same time. She guided me through the course and answered all of my answers with such extreme passion for what she does. She supports whatever it is you need to process through to get to a higher sense of self. Never did I feel exposed or embarrassed to sob uncontrollably because of the gifts she was giving to me from a higher power. She truly cares for her students and wants you to succeed. She offers herself and makes the time to make sure you understand all of what Reiki can do not only for you but for the rest of the world. I gained not only my license that day but a wonderful friend that I know will be there when I become a master III. Don’t miss an opportunity to take her class. It will change your life forever! Thanks Leigh Ann Mills!!

Shawna G. – CNA


Leigh is wonderful and did reiki for me related to a dislocated and broken foot I have. I could feel the circular pattern of the healing energy she was sending and it was wonderful. Many many thanks Leigh.

Lilly B. – Healthcare Executive             


I just wanted to say how amazing it is now to be a certified Reiki practitioner! I just did a healing and the results were so great my patient’s physical therapist now is looking into using Reiki for other patients!! Thank you Leigh you are truly wonderful and such a kind and amazing person, teacher and friend! I am so grateful I met you!

Stephanie H. – Nurse            


Allowing you Leigh to enter my life and help along my journey was an incredible experience during my trip to the States this summer! Introduction to Reiki left me so curious. I felt uplifted and relieved only after one treatment. I did appreciate your kindness and your facilities deserve highest respect. It made me feel good – small life pleasures. Hope others get to experience the same feeling as me! Wishing you all the best – you are great and Reiki is something I look forward again.

Jurgita K. – Women’s Basketball Head Coach Alvik, Sweden


Amazing, kind, whole heartedly a great experience. I felt so much lighter afterwards and look forward to doing another healing again.

Jill K. – Nurse


Thank you Leigh for My first Reiki session! Not only did you help my frozen shoulder to heal you also brought harmony and balance and at the same time my energies took another gear!!

Karin L. – Finance


The most amazing experience ! Can’t wait until tomorrow!

Cyndi C. – Sales Professional                     


Thank you for an amazing session today for releasing and clearing! I felt a huge shift and feel much clearer since this morning. You’re amazing and are so gifted. Keep up the amazing work – healing is in your blood 💗

Michelle P. – Doctor/Medium


I’ve been retired for about 6 years and first had contact with Motherella Metaphysical Center in early 2016.  Since receiving my Reiki certification I’ve worked on family, friends and pets experiencing very positive results.  Leigh Ann Mills is an excellent teacher.  My experience with her and the Metaphysical Center has been wonderful.  Leigh is dedicated to her Reiki practice and extremely good at what she does.  Because of Leigh I’m fully confident and love every minute of my Reiki energy.   I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning Reiki to contact Love & Light with Leigh for instruction.

Gay J. – Retired